4 Times You May Need a Temporary Staffing Company

In business, staffing shortages inevitably occur. That is where a temporary staffing company like Trojan Labor comes in. We can provide temporary workers to help meet your company’s needs.

Here are four times you may need a temporary staffing company:

  1. Seasonal Jobs: Not every position is necessary year round. Using a temporary employee from a temporary staffing company allows you to fill seasonal positions without the expense of hiring someone for just a few weeks (or months) a year.
  2. Special Projects: When special projects arise (especially ones with tight deadlines) a temporary employee can ease the burden on permanent employees and help the project to be completed in a timely manner.
  3. Sickness: When a permanent employee calls in sick, a temporary employee can be sent in to take their place while they recover so that productivity does not suffer.
  4. High Turnover: It is expensive to continually hire and train new employees only to have them leave the job soon after. When a position has a high employee turnover rate, a temporary employee can be a cost effective solution.