Colorado Flooding

Massive flooding has devastated parts of Colorado. So far

there have been 8 confirmed deaths. According to the Weather Channel the

floods have caused damage in 17 counties. The flood waters have destroyed

nearly 2,000 homes along with 200 miles of highway and 50 bridges.

According to the Weather Channel, “The Federal Emergency

Management Agency said it had approved $19.6 million in individual

assistance, most of it to help people find temporarily rentals or make house

repairs. More than 15,600 people have applied for FEMA relief.”


To better understand the situation in Colorado from a resident’s perspective

we contacted Brittney Richardson the Branch Manager of Trojan Labor Fort

Collins. She had this to say about the current situation,

“Roads are all open now, but at the worst part of the flood the bridges that

separate one part of Fort Collins from another were all under water and

therefore unusable cutting us off from the rest of town. We have two rivers in

and near our town the Poudre River and the Big Thompson River. Both of them

overflowed and we had a dam break that caused houses and businesses in

the surrounding area to flood. All access to major highways was shut down

cutting off Fort Collins from both Wyoming and the the Greeley/Denver area

essentially turning the city into an island. As of right now we are sending out

around 30 guys a day for flood restoration and cleanup. One of our biggest

projects is with a local elementary school that has been severely damaged and

currently rendered unusable. Our men have been working very diligently to get

the job done in a timely manor so that the kiddos are able to get back to

school as soon as possible.”


Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been impacted by this



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