Employment News: Little Change in Unemployment Rates, Costs of Hiring Rising

  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, regional and state unemployment rates did not change very much in the month of October. Twenty-eight state had unemployment rate decreases from September, eleven states and the District of Columbia had increases, and eleven states had no change. The costs of compensating workers increased by 1.9% for the 12-month period ending September 2013. […]

Spotlight: Trojan Labor Memphis

There is always so much going on at all of the Trojan Labor branches around the country! Today we are spotlighting Trojan Labor Memphis. We interviewed Tammy Ussery. Tammy has been in the temporary staffing business since 2002. She has been working with Trojan Labor since it bought out a competitor in 2004. She said that in the early years, there […]

Colorado Flooding

Massive flooding has devastated parts of Colorado. So far there have been 8 confirmed deaths. According to the Weather Channel the floods have caused damage in 17 counties. The flood waters have destroyed nearly 2,000 homes along with 200 miles of highway and 50 bridges. According to the Weather Channel, “The Federal Emergency Management Agency said it had approved $19.6 million […]

Spotlight: Curt Matlach and Quadrant PHR

  Everyone here at Trojan Labor is thrilled about our strategic alliance with Quadrant PHR. We sat down with Mr. Curt Matlach President of Quadrant to learn more about PEO’s and how they can help.   Can you briefly explain the main function of a PEO? Services of a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) like Quadrant […]

Make the Most of Accident Witness Interviews

Exert from the Daily Safety Advisor. Witness interviews should be conducted by experienced safety personnel as soon after an incident as possible, before memories fade or recollections change. Questions to ask witnesses include the following: Please fully describe the accident sequence from start to finish. Please fully describe the work and conditions in progress leading […]

BLS: Staffing Employment Stable

Seasonally adjusted employment data released Friday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that staffing firms added 7,700 new jobs from June to July (up 0.3%). In a year-to-year comparison, temporary help employment for the month was 6.7% higher than in July 2012. Nonseasonally adjusted BLS data, which estimate the actual number of jobs […]