Here We Grow Again!

It is officially spring! Springtime is a season of new life and of growth. In the spirit of the season, Trojan Labor is very pleased to announce several new offices opening in the coming months. We know that opening in these new communities will allow us to continue to be “the right people at the right time” for our customers. Be sure to be on the lookout for more information on these new offices which will be announced on this blog as well as on the official Trojan Labor Facebook page. Here is a list of the upcoming offices:

-Melbourne, FL:  March 27th

-San Antonio, TX: April 3rd

-Des Moines, IA: April 3rd

-Tarpon Springs, FL: Coming Soon!

-Stuart, FL: Coming Soon!

Higher Quest Foundation Update: Honduras Project

The Higher Quest Foundation (sponsored by Trojan Labor) builds fish farms in developing countries and trains the local staff in their operation and maintenance. For one of their projects they partnered with Global Brigades to build a farm in Honduras. So far the farm has been a huge success and harvested it’s first crop of fish late last summer. Here are some of the latest picture updates of the project:


Possible Changes in Healthcare Laws May Cause Problems for Multistate Employers

Some Republican lawmakers have submitted a bill that would be a replacement for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). The proposed law would give states three options. The first option is they can keep Obamacare as it is right now. The second option is that they can implement the replacement healthcare solution that is laid out in the proposed bill. Finally, states can also choose to draw up their own healthcare reform as their third option.

The plan also keeps Obamacare’s ban on pre-existing conditions and coverage of dependents up to age 26 throughout the country.

This proposed plan could create compliance problems for multi state employers if different states have different health care laws being implemented. Some critics of the bill also say it would create “chaos” in the health insurance market.

Repealing and replacing Obamacare is not as easy as it sounds and it will be some time until there are any big changes that take affect. However, businesses should be ready for any changes that may be coming in the coming months and years.

2016-2017 Trojan Labor Scholarship-Warner University

We are pleased to announce the recipient of the 2016-17 Trojan Labor Scholarship at Warner University: Abbigail Slaughter-Crawford. Abby is a sophomore from Haines City, Florida. She is majoring in Agriculture Studies with a minor in Communication.  She is significantly involved with community service through the Collegiate FFA where she serves as Vice President as well as with Alpha Zeta.

Lightning Safety for Outdoor Workers

With severe thunderstorms threatening large parts of the southeastern United States this week, it is a good time to discuss ways for outdoor workers to stay safe when severe weather and lightning strikes.

According to OSHA, one of the first (and easiest) steps of lightning safety is to monitor all NOAA weather alerts and to stay indoors if a threat is imminent.

However, if you are caught outside as a storm approaches here are some steps to stay safe according to OSHA:

  • Lightning usually strikes the tallest object, make sure you are not the tallest object in the vicinity.
  • Avoid open areas such as sports fields and meadows
  • If no buildings or vehicles are nearby, seek shelter in low lying areas such a ditches or valleys
  • Stay far away from bodies of water. If you are in water, exit immediately.
  • Sheds, pavilions, and other non grounded buildings do not provide adequate protection from lightning

New E-Verify Law Coming into Effect in Tennessee

Starting on January first, employers in Tennessee with over 50 employees will be required to utilize E-Verify.

This requirements comes from a change to the TLEA, which is the Tennessee Lawful Employment Act.

Once January 1st rolls around, companies with less than 50 employees do not have to use E-Verify, but they are able to if they desire.

Penalties for TLEA violations are very high. They start at a $500 company fine and $500 per violation. For a repeat offender the fines can go up to a $2,500 company fine and $2,500 per violation.

Overtime Law BLOCKED

A federal judge in Texas has blocked the overtime rule that would have made up to 4 million more workers eligible for overtime pay. The rule would have taken effect on December 1st and would have raised the threshold for “exempt” employees to $47,500. The threshold is currently $23,660.

The law could possible still take effect at some point in the future, but for now employers do not need to make any changes.

Giving Back for the Holidays

The Christmas season is filled with opportunities to give back to the local community. The Trojan Labor offices in Charleston and North Charleston recently donated car seats for Giving Back Tuesdays and Charleston Halos. These car seats will protect a few of the smallest members of the Charleston community. All of us here at Trojan Labor are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to give back to the communities that we are a part of.

New Overtime Law Goes into Effect

The threshold for overtime pay will increase to $47,500.00 on December 1st. Currently, an employee making a salary of at least $23,660.00 can be classified as “exempt” and businesses do not have to pay them overtime.

Non exempt employees are required to receive time and a half pay for every hour they work over 40 hours in one week.  The Fair Labor Standards Act salary threshold increase will make many more employees that are currently exempt eligible for overtime unless their employers raise their salaries to the new threshold or above.

Companies will need to prepare for this law by anticipating higher payroll costs from overtime pay, increase employee salaries,  or make other adjustments to compensate.

Shop With A Cop

Trojan Labor in Denver, CO is a proud supporter of the “Shop with a Cop” event that is held by the Aurora Police Association. The annual program gives underprivileged kids in the Aurora area a chance to receive Christmas gifts, coats, and snow boots. Each child is given a $200 dollar gift certificate to buy their Christmas gifts while accompanied by a police officer from the Aurora Police Department. The Trojan Labor offices in Colorado are pleased to be able to support such a worthy cause. Every child deserves to have a wonderful Christmas and our hope is that the Shop with a Cop event allows that to happen in the Denver community.