Higher Quest Foundation Spotlight: Interview

As we gear up for 14ers for the famished, we sat down with one of the founders of the Higher Quest Foundation, Rick Hermanns, to discuss his vision for the foundation.

What First Inspired you to found the Higher Quest Foundation?

I believe we have a Biblical mandate to help those less fortunate. We have been blessed as a company, and the foundation is one of our ways to assist veterans and the hungry.

What makes fish farming different than just giving people money to buy food?

Teaching people to fish farm solves the ongoing problem of hunger rather than treating the immediate symptom.

What makes fish farming a sustainable way to support overseas charities?

It is hard for people to financially support a cause year after year. Supporting the building of a fish farm allows for the donor’s gift to keep on giving for potentially years and years.

What are some long term goals of the Higher Quest Foundation?

Generally we would like to be able to do more to ensure veterans be given job on a domestic level. Internationally, we want to continue building fish farms globally and are currently working on setting up a new training center overseas so we can further expand our reach. We are also seeking to discover cost effective ways of storing food in areas prone to famine. In some places, it is estimated that more than 1/3 of all food is spoiled or wasted.

What can someone in the US do to support the Higher Quest Foundation and it’s goal of ending world hunger in a sustainable way?

There are several ways to get involved:

  • You could become a volunteer to be trained and set a fish farm up.
  • You could identify a potential partner for us to build a fish farm with or for
  • Tell your friends about the potential of fish farming to increase awareness
  • Cash donations are always welcome

Trojan Labor Scholarship Recipient

The 2017-2018 Trojan Labor Scholarship recipient at Palm Beach Atlantic University is Richard Santos.

Richard Santos is a rising Junior from Pembroke Pines, FL.  He is a pre-Pharmacy major.  Richard serves as a regular volunteer in our Rosemary Village after school program.  The Rosemary Village after school program is located in an economically impoverished and under served community in the Tamarind area of West Palm Beach, FL.

In addition to the  time he spends off campus tutoring children, Richard also serves on campus in the Impact Leadership Program.  Richard believes that “love should be the driving force behind all service.”  After he graduates, Richard plans to enter pharmacy school.