2016-2017 Trojan Labor Scholarship-Warner University

We are pleased to announce the recipient of the 2016-17 Trojan Labor Scholarship at Warner University: Abbigail Slaughter-Crawford. Abby is a sophomore from Haines City, Florida. She is majoring in Agriculture Studies with a minor in Communication.  She is significantly involved with community service through the Collegiate FFA where she serves as Vice President as well as with Alpha Zeta.

Lightning Safety for Outdoor Workers

With severe thunderstorms threatening large parts of the southeastern United States this week, it is a good time to discuss ways for outdoor workers to stay safe when severe weather and lightning strikes.

According to OSHA, one of the first (and easiest) steps of lightning safety is to monitor all NOAA weather alerts and to stay indoors if a threat is imminent.

However, if you are caught outside as a storm approaches here are some steps to stay safe according to OSHA:

  • Lightning usually strikes the tallest object, make sure you are not the tallest object in the vicinity.
  • Avoid open areas such as sports fields and meadows
  • If no buildings or vehicles are nearby, seek shelter in low lying areas such a ditches or valleys
  • Stay far away from bodies of water. If you are in water, exit immediately.
  • Sheds, pavilions, and other non grounded buildings do not provide adequate protection from lightning