Spotlight: Trojan Labor Memphis

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Trojan Labor Memphis

There is always so much going on at all of the Trojan Labor branches around the country! Today we are spotlighting Trojan Labor Memphis. We interviewed Tammy Ussery. Tammy has been in the temporary staffing business since 2002. She has been working with Trojan Labor since it bought out a competitor in 2004. She said that in the early years, there could be as many as four people working with her in the office, but for a while after that she was often on her own. A few months ago however, Caleb Cockrell began working at the Memphis Branch. They are very excited that he has joined them!

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Caleb Cockrell (General Manager) with Trojan Labor employee Jamie Larry (right) at an event staffed by Trojan Labor Memphis this fall.


Soon after moving, Caleb was joined by his wife. Besides moving to a new city, Caleb has had another exciting change in his life. Since arriving in Memphis, Caleb and his wife have added a new addition to their family, a Yorkie puppy named Lucy. As for Tammy, in her spare time she absolutely loves to be with her 5–year- old granddaughter. She also enjoys reading.

Tammy says it was sometimes difficult when she was mostly on her own. However, now that Caleb has joined Trojan Labor Memphis, even more great things will be accomplished. Trojan Labor has great goals and they are very excited to see them through.