Meet Michael Ethridge from the New Trojan Labor Baltimore!



Trojan Labor Baltimore has undergone a revamp! We sat down with Branch Manager Michael Ethridge to learn more about him and the new Trojan Labor in Baltimore. We learned a lot about Michael’s service in the military, his interests, and his personal experiences.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the northeast section of Philadelphia, PA and I lived there until I entered the US Army at the age of 24.  I think that living in a crowded city like Philadelphia has taught me the skills to closely and positively interact with many different personality types.

How did you end up in the field of temporary staffing?

After spending eight years as an infantryman in the US Army, the last two of which as a Drill Sergeant, I received my honorable discharge in 2011.  I wanted a career in an industry where I could utilize my training in leadership, service, and problem-solving.  When I was offered the chance to work in temporary staffing, I felt that I had finally found a career that was both challenging and rewarding.

What do you enjoy helping your clients with the most?

I enjoy solving problems, so when a client calls me and needs help on short notice, I like finding them motivated workers who will be a good fit for their needs.  There’s nothing like calling a client to make sure they are satisfied, and hearing that they are happy with the quality of the service received.

Do you have a Favorite Movie/Book?

One of my favorite movies/books is Shawshank Redemption.  I can relate to being in difficult situations and having to stay positive and productive to see it through.

What personal experiences have you had that prepared you for this job?

Although I have always thought myself to be a highly motivated individual, the time I spent in the Army really instilled in me some deeply-rooted values and a very strong work ethic.  My job was so multi-faceted so I gained a wide array of skills.  There really is no better way to learn to work under pressure than deploying to a combat zone.  I learned to lead as well as serve.  When a task needs to be accomplished, in my mind, there is no choice but to get it done.  When presented with an obstacle, I have learned to think outside the box to find a solution to the problem so I can reach my goal.